Ideas for a Dream Kids’ Backyard

Ideas for a Dream Kids’ Backyard

While trying to design the perfect outdoor space for your youngsters, the first thought that might come to mind is to install the biggest play structure you can. Although this option would be the envy of the neighbourhood children, it’s possible to create a kid-friendly backyard without competing with the local park. 

In fact, with some ingenuity and lots of imagination, you can set up a functional and creative space that will appeal to children of all ages without break

A Child’s Real Needs

Children’s needs are relatively simple: to run, jump, play, climb… They love to explore, build and play “pretend.” Outdoor environments designed to encourage little ones’ imaginative play are spaces where they can create and invent. Turn this into a family project. Your kids will be thrilled to participate in planning a backyard in which they will enjoy spending time.

A Bee and Butterfly Garden

Children are fascinated by insects and love learning about bugs by watching them crawl around. Plant up a corner with flowers and greenery that attract insects and offer shelter. Rocks are both decorative and provide hiding places for the tiny creatures. Place some magnifying glasses in a basket nearby so that your budding explorers can spend hours observing their favourite species.

Quality Family Time

Most families enjoy sharing an alfresco meal. Improve your dining area by including pint-size furniture to make the space more inviting for young gourmets. This addition will also prove practical when hosting a large party: all the kids can eat together at the same table.

An Obstacle Course

Build an obstacle course on which your kids can jump, scamper, and have fun by laying path of partially buried tree trunks, boulders, and cement paving stones. Take advantage of your lot’s natural slopes to install a slide or even a zip-line, if feasible. Install wall climbing grips on a solid fence, low stone wall or wooden structure. Have a raised deck? In addition to steps to go up, include a slide. For the pleasure of young and old alike!

An Intriguing Design

Evoke an atmosphere of mystery and adventure by integrating unexpected elements into your yard, such as a mirror that gives the impression a secret garden lies just on the other side of the fence, miniature fairy houses, garden gnomes, etc. You could likewise burry a treasure chest or hide toys. Kids love exploring the yard knowing there’s a surprise to uncover around each corner. An area reserved for “playing war” with water guns will be equally popular.

An Edible Garden

Your youngsters will be happy to become apprentice gardeners and contribute to meal preparation. Kids can water plants, weed, pick fruit, or dig up vegetables. If you don’t have enough room to set up a veg garden, try your hand at growing certain vegetables and herbs in containers. In the yard, consider planting strawberries, raspberries, or fruit trees. 

An Arts and Crafts Corner to dream of

The outdoors is the perfect place for messy activities. A vertical wall on which a canvas or sheets of paper can be attached to paint might be interesting. But remember to protect the zone from rain! Precocious Picassos can give free rein to their creativity!


Most importantly, don’t forget to reserve some areas for the grown-ups if you also enjoy soaking up the sun. Indeed, by designing a backyard that caters to every family member’s needs, you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors together this summer.

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