7 Reasons to Choose a Condo Over a House

7 Reasons to Choose a Condo Over a House

Are you considering leaving your house for a condo? This may prove to be an excellent decision! Indeed, condos offer numerous advantages that could make you forget all about your single-family residence.

Many people elect to move into a condominium building, whether large or small. Why this option? Read on to find out! 

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Because they typically have smaller rooms, condos are obviously easier to heat or air condition. More so if your unit is surrounded by other units that are also being heated!

No More Shovelling

Winter is frequently a source of headaches for homeowners who must wait for the snow removal company to come by whenever it snows. Cars must be moved from the driveway so that the plow can do its work, and it doesn’t necessarily show up when it’s most convenient for your schedule. Plus, setting up and taking down the car shelter can be quite a chore!

All this hassle can be forgotten with a condo. Plus, it’s quite common for units to come with a designated underground parking spot.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Your living space’s surface area influences your carbon footprint. The smaller your dwelling and the more densely populated your neighbourhood, the greener your residence is thought to be. Moreover, to combat environmentally damaging urban sprawl, the Quebec government is looking into implementing policies that favour condo-type home construction, rather than single-family neighbourhoods.

No Yard to Maintain

A yard is a great place to enjoy warm weather all from the comfort of your own home. However, this requires a lot of time and energy: mowing the lawn, looking after the pool, planting and weeding the flower beds. You could be relaxing instead!

But living in a condo doesn’t mean having to say goodbye to an outdoor living space. Many buildings have communal areas like kitchen zones for the grill, a rooftop patio or access to an inground pool.

Greater Affordability

Another point in favour of condominiums is the lower market value of units compared to houses in the same neighbourhood. A condo is therefore a more accessible path to homeownership. You can always move into a single-family residence later if you should so desire.

Community Living

Are you a social butterfly? Do you feel anxious in your home when it gets dark outside? People who live alone may particularly enjoy residing in a condo building.

In fact, people frequently become friends with their neighbours. Moreover, everyone must to assemble a few times a year for condo syndicate meetings to discuss building management. 

Less Time Spent Cleaning

Housecleaning will likewise eat up a lot less of your time in a condo. Unless you have purchased an especially sprawling one, of course! You won’t have to spend hours each month scrubbing floors and wiping down surfaces. There are equally fewer rooms where damage of all kinds can occur (leaking pipes, holes in walls, etc.).

Furnishing this type of home is also less expensive as there are fewer rooms and windows!


Are you tempted by condo living now?

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